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    Artisan Craft Brewed Coffee

    The Coffee served at Rhino doughnuts & coffee is artisan craft brewed coffee made with 100% Fair Trade beans that are roasted using the small batch method. This specialty process highlights the distinctive flavor characteristics of the beans. Every batch is custom roasted to order per Rhino’s strict specifications, resulting in more pronounced and enhanced coffee flavor. The roasting techniques and artisan methods of preparation offer customers unique coffee experiences they can taste in every cup.

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    Chef Made Doughnuts

    A world-renowned chef prepares the doughnuts at Rhino. We don’t use any frozen or pre-made dough. There are no preservatives, or any other random additives. No food coloring and no artificial flavorings! Gourmet doughnuts are of the highest quality and flavor, prepared fresh in-house with only the best ingredients and presented in an artful approach.

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    Chef made muffins

    The art of making muffins is a specialty at Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee. Our chef creates the perfect muffin that is symmetrical, light and the perfect size. When you open or cut into one of our muffins you will feel the warm, moist and tender filling with real fruit, spices, & other delightful ingredients! Rhino Doughnuts & coffee will change the way people see and eat muffins.

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    Chef Made Cinnabon’s & Sticky Buns

    The chef made Cinnabon’s & cinnamon sticky buns are not just a gourmet pastry but also a culinary experience that will appeal to all five senses. Rhino’s chef made Cinnabon’s have a soft texture and creamy frosting can be experienced in every bite. If the dripping frosting doesn’t do it for you, maybe the smell of our sticky buns will. These sweet, tender cinnamon buns, crowned with a thick rich cream cheese icing, make a trip to the mall unnecessary. Made daily from the finest ingredients, our Cinnabon’s and cinnamon sticky buns will delight even the most particular connoisseur.

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